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Lead Shielding Cabinet Use and Best Practice

Radiation shielding design and construction may be difficult because of space, cost, weight, and installation considerations. Lead is one of the most adaptable types of shielding material that may be utilized to overcome these difficulties since it is less costly, more commonly accessible, and easier to manufacture into completed radiation shielding goods than other materials. 

Lead is utilized in the construction, non-destructive testing, nuclear power, educational, and medical industries for radiation shielding and protection.

Advantages of lead-lined cabinets

Using lead-lined cabinets to store radioactive materials safely is particularly advantageous when the contents must be removed regularly and when lead storage containers are not an option. Security measures may be included in lead-lined cabinets to guarantee that radioactive items are stored in a safe environment. 

Padlocks may be sufficient when all that is needed is to keep the items behind a closed cage and no more. In the case of a more complex security system, choices, such as an electronic access control system, might be considered. The SSC1C radioactive source storage cabinet features one of these security mechanisms. 

Electromagnetic locks protect this lead-lined storage cabinet, and you may unlock it by scanning your key tag and pushing the button for the precise drawer you wish to access on the keypad that appears. Each activity is documented in an electronic log that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. 

Other benefits of lead walled cabinets are:

  • They may include a workstation on top of the cabinet; tools, such as dosage calibrators or generators, may be incorporated into the cabinet; 
  • hot lab space may be used more effectively; 
  • cabinets may be constructed with drawers, doors, or a mix of the two;
  • Worktops with protective shields may be installed on top of the cabinet to give a complete arrangement.
  • Storage containers for industrial radiography equipment that are shielded

Manufacturing lead-coated safes for storing radioactive equipment, Nuclear Shields is a leader in the industry. Sentinel NDT equipment is stored in our new shielded storage cases, which have been designed for their safety. 

Our shielded storage cases are ideal for storing source projectors used in gamma radiography equipment and other sensitive equipment. 

The Sentinel Delta 880 and the Sentinel SCAR Pro 1075 are two source projectors for radiography examination. Various radiography sources are available, ranging from Selenium-75 to Cobalt-60. 

Lead-lined cabinets for hot labs

Nuclear medicine hot labs and radiopharmacies are notoriously unkempt, owing to the abundance of lead bricks and equipment piled on the cabinets. Nucleonic Shields developed modular lead-walled closets for high-temperature laboratories to effectively store radioactive materials, rather than burying them behind a layer of lead bricks.