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Mediums, this is what you want to know

Going to a psychic medium; even the greatest skeptic sometimes fantasizes about it. How does it work and how is it even possible? Interesting questions that are highly likely to occur to you.

Can someone really name things that are not (psychologically) traceable from your presence at the time of the reading? Not all mediums work in the same way and they do not all have the same gifts. So the trick is to find a medium that suits you.

What is a medium?

A Medium is an intermediary, a channel between the invisible and the physical. Mediums can have one or more paranormal gifts, through which the spirits or souls of the deceased can communicate with him or her.

A medium works with “energy”, the vibrating particles that make up everything and that are present everywhere around us. You can see some things, such as people and objects. Others, such as emotions, atmosphere, an aura field and deceased loved ones, cannot be seen, but can be felt. You do this with your intuition. I think we all do this, for example when it comes to feeling the atmosphere in a certain place, but that we are usually not aware of it.

With which questions can you go to a medium?

There are many questions that you could ask a medium through a psychic line. For example, you might think of making contact with a deceased loved one. Often this will be a person, but there are also mediums with the gift to make contact with your deceased pet. In addition, there are various mediums with the gift of making contact with angels and guides. You can ask these people anything you want. For example, you could ask a loved one who has passed over if he or she is doing well, but you can also ask them for advice in general or about a specific situation. So if you want to contact someone who is not there anymore, amediumship reading might be for you.