When bringing new medicines, vaccines or other pharmaceuticals to market, said pharmaceuticals must be thoroughly tested for end-user safety and side effects. To effect such testing, we turn to the science of toxicologic pathology. A toxicologic pathologist assesses chemical, vaccine and pharmaceutical safety by identifying any pathological changes that these chemicals cause. Subsequently, they verify whether the changes observed can be considered pathologically relevant. They accomplish this by studying animal testing results to interpret the effect in human application. When interpreting the results of the safety assessment, extensive expertise and scientific diligence are vital. A scientist conducting toxicologic pathology testing needs to consider many variables; species, anatomy, drug class, organ weight changes and many, many more.

Toxicologic pathology: a gateway to safe pharmaceuticals

Both the European and global guidelines for the market access of pharmaceuticals mandate that any pharmaceutical must undergo thorough safety assessments. Various disasters in the past have resulted from lax or no toxicologic pathology testing, with both the environment and human beings suffering for it. For the most salient example, we need only think of the thalidomide widely distributed to pregnant women, with resulting teratogenic effects and subsequent birth defects. Even in today’s more regulated market, pharmaceuticals already on the market are withdrawn on occasion, invariably because of previously unknown side effects coming to light. As ever, this proves that employing toxicologic pathologists is more vital than ever, ensuring pharmaceuticals slated for market release are proven safe.

A reliable lab, staffed by experts

Fortunately, you won’t have to look far for toxicologic pathology experts. Global Pathology Support in the Netherlands is your laboratory partner in a thorough drug safety procedure. They specialize in histopathology assessments of toxicity and carcinogenicity studies, as well as neuropathology assessments and gross pathology assessments. They maintain a particular focus on products seeking registration for pharmaceutical or chemical industrial use. Fully compliant with the Registration Evaluation and Authorization Chemicals Agreement and all OECD-guidelines, Global Pathology Support ensures excellent toxicologic pathology services at all times.


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