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Using People Counting Solutions for social distancing

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the past few months have been challenging. New government social distancing regulations have been set and all businesses have to comply with restrictions on the number of visitors in their location. Ensuring health and safety is critical in these uncertain times. To protect both staff and customers, businesses turn to (live) occupancy monitoring. Not only will your staff feel empowered to take care of their duties in a supportive and safe workplace, your customers will know that you are taking their safety seriously.

Ensuring social distance

People counting plays an increasingly important role these days. The most common way to count people is to install counters at a number of entrances or other key points. These counters monitor the number of people passing a specific threshold. There are a number of different methods to count people, including using thermal sensors, 3d stereoscopic counters or infrared beam counters. Evaluate your location to figure out which method is most suitable since all methods have specific pros and cons.

The benefits of people counting

There are many benefits of using people counting systems during, but also after the pandemic. These benefits include:

  • Insight into the number of people entering your location Determine in-store activity and peak times. Also gain insights into the number of returning visitors, as they are more likely to make a purchase than new customers.
  • Insight into the behaviour of people in your location Understand movement and discover behaviour patterns. How long do customers stay on average and is this long enough to make a purchase? How does dwell time develop over time?
  • Understand how to allocate staff most effectively Provide the best service to customers by allocating the right number of staff. This way, all customers can feel that there is a staff member to help them if they have questions. On the other hand, staff is busy, but not too busy.
  • Know the impact of marketing campaigns Gain quantitative insights in the impact of marketing campaigns and leverage performance to establish the most profitable situation regarding future campaigns.
  • Managing real time occupancy levels Be aware of real time occupancy levels and get an alarm when capacity levels are close to being exceeded so that you can take immediate action.

High quality footfall data

Whether you own a small retail store or manage a large shopping centre, at the heart of every effective business decision lies reliable and accurate footfall data. It is essential to really understand what is going on at your location before you start to take actions accordingly.