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All about user research

User research is a well-known thing in the world of marketing and communication. However, this is by no means known everywhere, while it is very important. When you fully understand your user, or customer, you can optimize your product or service so that it sells even better. Isn’t that what every company wants? Research into the user is also called user research or if we speak in terms of marketing and communication research UX. You can read exactly what it is and how to apply it in this blog.


What is it?

User research or research UX is very simply the process of understanding your user or customer better. How do they deal with this? The goal is to eventually find out what works and what doesn’t and from there to solve the customer’s problem. You do this by ultimately improving the product. To know what you need to improve, you need to find out what your customer thinks. Ensuring an optimal user experience is central to this research and is essential in the customer experience.



Using this method also gives you a number of benefits. This way you understand your own customer better by doing research using this method. You understand better how the customer looks at things and you understand better why that one function on your product is not entirely to your liking. Furthermore, another advantage is that you can improve your product using this method. Improvement is always a must, especially in this world where consumers are more demanding than ever. Where there used to be a few providers with the same product, there are now dozens of them. Moreover, customers no longer just believe everything and can look up everything themselves on the internet. A final advantage is that the unused points of your product come up. Does your customer use all the features and/or maybe your customer uses a certain feature, but for something different than what it was designed for? By finding out these points you can also easily improve.