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How to create flexibility in your workspace?

Problems can happen at any moment. If you’re not working flexibly yet, it can be very hard to solve these problems without damaging anything. Whether this is less sales or unhappy employees – a flexible attitude is the correct one for any situation. In this blog we’ll help you with three ways you can create flexibility in your workspace. Get inspired!

1. Different functions

In a warehouse many processes happen all at once. Therefore, it might sound like a smart plan to put your employees into one certain specialization, but this isn’t completely true. By giving a different position every day, you create flexibility. Because warehouse work can be repetitive at times, this helps to motivate your employees and keep the joy in their work. However, it’s not only good for them but also for your company overall. If one of your employees gets ill, there’s always someone to replace them.

2. Product range

Without trying new products, your product range will never expand. Although it isn’t always easy to try out new products, there are several ways to manage this. One way is by creating a flexible spot in your racks: here you place new products every month. These products you promote on social media: if they do sell well, you can place them in your regular product range. If they don’t, you don’t. Now, at least you know if a product works or not. 

3. Storage

Have you ever heard about mezzanine floors? These are the perfect solution to implement flexibility in your warehouse. Mezzanine floors are extra floors that you can install in between your current floors, that create extra space out of nowhere. Because mezzanine floors are delivered as a construction kit, they’re very flexible. You decide when and how you want to use this floor. 

If you’re interested in one of these mezzanine floors, we recommend taking a look at! Here you can order customized mezzanine floors, that only take shape in count but also your corporate colors. This means the mezzanine floor will fit perfectly into your warehouse, creating the flexibility that you’re looking for.